Unicis.Tech #

Purpose #

Unicis is an open-core company that sells applications via the Atlassian Marketplace and subscriptions for all-in-one SaaS products. Today, Unicis helps startups get certified and compliant with international standards, frameworks, and benchmarks.

Unicis is committed to a comprehensive strategy against whatever it may be.

  • Automating security, data privacy, and compliance through the utilization of open standards and data.
  • A single place to manage privacy and data protection, IT and cyber security, compliance, and legal requirements.
  • Building credibility and trust through open-source software.

Culture #

Unicis culture is discussed here.

All remote #

Unicis.Tech OÜ is a company that works fully remotely and has five team members spread across two continents and three time zones. The wider team of contributors around the world contributes patches, bug reports, troubleshooting tips, improvements, and real-world ideas to Unicis open-source code base, documentation, website, and company handbook.

Open source #

Unicis is open by design. Unicis Platform Community Edition is open-source, and the source code, documentation, and content are publicly available from the source repository. The Unicis handbook is the main guide for how we run and work at the company. The way we run the business is open and transparent, as confidentiality agreements allow. We work better together with the community, and the community works better together with us.

The Unicis products are built using open-source technology too.

Why this way? #

We write things down at Unicis. Even when we may be incorrect. This helps us move quickly, gives us more information, and lets us work at different time zones.

The Communication page tells you more about what it’s like to work at Unicis.

Open positions #

Unicis is currently recruiting for the following positions:

  • TBD

Join us!
Are you interested in joining the Unicis team, or know someone who might be interested? You can read the job description and apply by clicking on one of the positions.

Please share a short description of the company, our vision, mission, goals, value, history, and current open positions. Thank you!

Values #

At Unicis, our core values guide every part of our business, including our culture, decisions, and interactions. These values make up who we are and how we work.

Empathy #

We try to be understanding and compassionate in all our interactions. We care about what our customers, coworkers, and communities think and need. This helps us make connections that are helpful and meaningful.

Ownership #

We are responsible for our actions and how they affect others. Our commitment to accountability drives us to be dedicated and honest in everything we do.

Results-Driven #

Excellence is at the heart of what we do. We are committed to achieving outstanding results and constantly strive to meet and exceed our goals, delivering tangible value to our customers and stakeholders.

Objectivity #

Our decisions are based on facts and information. We make well-informed decisions that benefit our customers, community and our company.

Openness #

We foster a culture of transparency and open communication. We encourage people to share ideas and give feedback, which helps us come up with new ideas and improve. This helps everyone feel heard and appreciated.

History #

You can learn about the history of Unicis by looking at the timeline on our website.

Org chart #

Everyone at Unicis has a manager and direct reports. The chart below shows the current employees of Unicis.

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