What is Unicis? #

Unicis is a micro-SaaS start-up that was founded during the pandemic. We are committed to providing comprehensive solutions for the legal, privacy, security, risk, and compliance teams.

Unicis is a micro-SaaS start-up that was established during the challenging times of the pandemic, and is currently self-funded. We are dedicated to offering comprehensive solutions for legal, privacy, security, risk and compliance teams. Our commitment to this purpose is demonstrated through our provision of complimentary access to our solutions:

Vision #

Our vision is to create a world where compliance is effortless, efficient, and transparent for every business. We strive to do this by providing a single, comprehensive application that addresses all compliance, privacy, risk, and security concerns.

Mission #

Our mission is to empower startups and SMBs by offering a comprehensive solution that streamlines compliance, security, risk and privacy management through the integration of Unicis Platform, and Unicis Atlassian Apps. This eliminates the need for manual spreadsheet tracking and makes compliance processes more trustable.

Goal #

Our goal is to improve compliance, security, risk, and privacy by automating and simplifying workflows. We are striving to reduce the use of spreadsheets and provide an open-source solution for compliance management by the end of the fiscal year. This shows how committed we are to driving innovation and progress in the industry.

Problem #

At Unicis, we know how hard it is to manage multiple security, privacy, risk, and compliance tools every day. This makes people upset and makes it hard to concentrate on important tasks. We are developing a solution that will help small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) manage these important functions.

Solution #

We saw the need for free and open-source tools to help security, privacy, legal, risk, compliance teams in their daily work while working in fintech and small businesses. We chose to use Atlassian Forge to make Jira and Confluence Cloud apps. With more than 42% of the market, Atlassian products are well-known and used in startups and the technology sector. We also offer Unicis Platform Software-as-a-Service, which uses the latest technology and other cloud services for people who don’t use the Atlassian ecosystem. We are working with qualified professionals who can help startups with cybersecurity, data protection, risk assessment, and regulatory compliance.

Check out the getting start with Unicis solutions documentation.