Welcome to Unicis Handbook #

The Unicis Handbook is the most accurate guide for how we work and run our company. This handbook is open to the world and everyone is welcome to contribute. You can change this page by clicking the edit link. A request will be made for someone inside the company to review the changes you suggested.

Company #

Get to know our company vision, goal and mission, as well as what problem we are trying to solve and what kind of solution we provide.


Communications #

This is a place where we talk about what every team member needs to know to work well at Unicis.


Leadership #

This is where we talk about what managers and leaders at Unicis need to know to run a great company.


Products #

This page covers what all contributors to the open-source community and Unicians should know in order to contribute to the core product.


Why open-source #

Here, we discuss why we chose to go with the open-core business model.


Development #

We introduce you to the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and how we build the products at Unicis.


Security and Compliance #

In this section, we explain how Unicis handles data privacy, cybersecurity, and compliance.

Trust Center

Operations #

In the operations section, we elaborate on tools and applications used internally at Unicis and how to use them.

Trust Center